with negative cycles such as the Bellman-Ford algorithm. There are many CAD algorithms that adopt the Bellman-Ford algorithm including scheduling[5], clock scheduling[6], verification[7], and retiming [8]. A recent work on static timing analysis for sequential circuits [8] allows the users to model FFs and use them to predict the timing .... "/>

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Dijkstra's algorithm is a greedy algorithm that selects the nearest vertex that has not been processed. Bellman - Ford , on the other hand, relaxes all of the edges. and that set of edges is relaxed exactly ∣ V ∣ − 1 |V| - 1 ∣V∣−1 times, where ∣ V ∣ |V| ∣V∣ is the number of vertices in the graph. <b>algorithm</b> to route different packets.

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